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Me Myself

Posted: ऑगस्ट 30, 2010 in अस्वस्थ
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read death post by Bhunga.
and that post foreced me to think on my life, my family, friends and all around me…..
and then I asked some questions to myself…
Why we hurt people especially our nearest & dearest eventhough they are precious to us?
to satisfy EGO,to take revenge,  to tell them our importance………
I didn’t find concrete solution rather I dont want to find the solution ( as I love myself and dont want
to speak/think anything against myself)
Did any GOD bless you eventhough you hurt people by your harsh behaviour?
My mom used to say “दगडाचे देव पुजन्यापेक्शा जिवंत माणसाला पुजावे “…..
Since, yesterday lots of questions in mind….
having only 1 answer
I have to change myself
(look how Egoestic I am, uses of myself many times shows this)
I have to change…
I have to change…
I have to change…
Life is very small to love..